Prices starting at

$75.00 - 2 bedroom/1 bath

$100.00 - 3 bedroom/1-2 bath

$125.00 - 4 bedroom/2-3 bath

$150.00 - 5 bedroom/3-4 bath

Pricing available upon request for larger homes


Floors (sweep/vacuum/mop)

Dishes (hand wash or load/unload washer)

Laundry (sheets and towels)


Interior windows


Pet Care

Cats - kitty litter change or clean

Dogs - walking services available

-- $35.00 for 45 minute walk --

Pricing available upon request for multiple dogs and/or longer walks

Grocery Shopping

Provide a list, money and the store preference and we do the shopping and we will put away the groceries.

$20/hour (includes mileage)


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